FoligenFoligen | Hair loss is of different types, Male Pattern hair loss is the most commonly occurring form of hair loss in men.  In science, it is referred as Androgenetic Alopecia, which has targeted so many adults all over the world. The treatment for Hair Loss is what we are going to tell you about, but first understanding the basic things are mandatory for an individual.

Understanding Hair Loss

Before going to the hair growth supplement you must know about the cause which is related to it. Hair Loss is caused by many factors, including genetics, environmental and hormonal changes. There are many types of situations that may lead to hair loss, but below are the top 3 causes ever known.

  • Genetics

Understanding the genetic cause of hair loss will surely give you a headache. Making it simple, the baldness characteristic is carried in the X Chromosomes, which men get only from their mother site. Although the genetic hereditary trait is more pronounced or we can say dominant on the female side, but still studies have concluded that men whose father has a sign of balding are relatively more prone to suffer from Male Pattern Baldness than the rest. By this statement, we can suggest the “Genetic” cause as number first.

Dr Oz: Hair Loss, Hair Growth and Biotin

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  • Hormonal Changes

Hormones are the chemical mediators which regulate the process of metabolism in our body. When some of these hormone levels are fluctuating, an individual has gone through some physical changes. In the case of Hair Loss, when the level of Progesterone is too low it directly leads to the estrogen domination which as a result can cause excessive hair shedding which later turns into hair loss. This hyper estrogen level can also increase unwanted body or facial hair, which depends on the person’s lifestyle.

  • Environmental Changes

Environmental changes affect the hair loss and hair growth greatly. According to world renowned follicular surgeon Dr. Nilofer fario, there are multiple environmental factors that affect the rate of hair loss and the latency of growing hair. The term free radical is used for this condition, free radical is a vague term used for the triggering factors such as pollution, herbicides, radiation, smokers from cigarette etc.

Biotin Hair Loss Solution

Process of Hair Loss

The hair loss process comprises of 3 step cycle. Not to mention this process occurs naturally by all means. The Stages are called as Anlagen, Catagen and Telogen phase.

  • Human hair grows a half inch every month, the rate of this growth varies between the seasons. Frist phase Anlagen is also called the Growth phase, which lasts from 2-6 years. This Anlagen phase lasts longer in Asian people, which is approximate 7-7.2 years in which you can be able to grow about 1 meter.
  • Right after Anlagen phase, your hair goes to the Catagen phase. It is a transitional phase which occurs shortly and lasts for about 10 days.
  • Then comes the telogen phase, the last and the stationary phase just when your hair releases and falls out. Meanwhile, this phase is about to repeat itself, there is a 3 month period when all follicles remain inactive. The natural phenomenon is incredibly useful since each hair follicle is totally independent which goes through every cycle at different times. If it wouldn’t be like this, all your hair would fall out at once, it is because of their specific nature a normal person sheds only some hair each day.

Hair Loss ControlWhat is Foligen? Introduction

Foligen is a revolutionary formula that can help you get rid of the hair loss problem. Hair loss is affecting millions of people throughout the globe and targeting their personal confidence level a big time. Hair loss as it sounds like makes you look older, even when you are not. The problem can be from hormonal changes or the genetics, either way, the solution is here to help you avoid the social awkwardness and boost your confidence level once again. This breakthrough formula supports hair growth for both male and female. Foligen comprises of the following qualities.



  • The ingredients used in Foligen are 100% natural and safe. The extract has an extensive research background for controlling hair loss & supporting hair growth.
  • Foligen hair loss supplement is manufactured in the US facility under Good Manufacturing Practices GMP. It will ensure you the product is of high quality without any standard issues.
  • Used by over thousands of people, there are no harmful or side effects have been reported about Foligen.
  • The supplement is also featured in Dr.Oz show where it gained people trust.

Foligen Ingredients

Key Ingredients of Foligen


Also known as Vitamin B7, a water soluble vitamin which is an essential part of Vitamin B complex. This particular nutrient is essential in many body vital functions such as for healthy metabolism and for a stronger digestive and cardiovascular function. Biotin is famously renowned for its effectiveness in hair loss and brittle nail where it reverses the process quite efficiently. It plays a major role in keeping our hair, nails, and skin healthy.


Most of you have probably heard of Fo-ti, aka ho shou woo, a herb cultivated mainly in China. In Chinese times this herb was used for maintaining a general health and to erase the wrinkly appearance from the face. It is very much potent in reducing hair loss and hair graying, leading to restore the original color of your hair. Fo-ti is usually taken with tea, juice or other extracts while in Foligen a pure extract is available in the form of capsules.

Other Ingredients

There are a number of ingredients mixed in Foligen formula which is meant to strengthen your hair integrity and to provide growth stimulation of hair, which you can find on the panel of nutrition pasted on the box.

Foligen BottleFoligen Benefits

The benefits of Foligen are not only limited to the natural process of hair growth, repair and strengthening but the ingredients inside Foligen are also very much helpful to recover the health of your skin and nail.

  • Stronger and Thicker Hair

Foligen provides you the proper dose of biotin which in the case of deficiency can lead to hair and nails dryness plus discoloration of hair. The hair structure consists of a hair shaft which needs to be more rigid and elastic in order to maintain the hair integrity, this thick layer is called cortex, which biotin protects against every damage caused by pollution, sunlight and chlorine and gives you the strongest and thicker hair structure.

  • Supports your Hair Health/ Control Hair Loss

When you have healthy hair, you can get a full control over your hairline which in the case of hair loss recedes. Foligen contains the basic ingredients which give you back the hairline in the shape of the thick hair. Sometimes the nutrients are not fully reached to the core of your hair cells due to which the line started to disappear, biotins make those nutrients available to your cells and improve their overall growth. The function of biotic is also enabling the metabolism of fats and proteins which reach in full strength beneath the hairline.

  • Improves Hair Growth

Hair contains Keratin which is another form of the protein, biotin works with cell enzymes and increase the production of protein (amino acids) which is then absorbed by the hair follicles. Deficiency of any Vitamin B complex, especially biotin can make your hair fall out since biotin is indispensable for cell regeneration. These 3 important functions are mainly achieved by the Biotin, which is the chief ingredient of Foligen.

What can I Expect?

  1. Control Hair Loss
  2. Significance Hair Growth
  3. Remarkable improvement in Hair structure and feel
  4. No Side effects, at all.

What should I not expect?

  1. Foligen mainly works for those people who have recently in the early stages of hair loss, therefore its efficacy in this group is higher than those of later stages.
  2. It doesn’t work over night, you need to be patient. It is an excellent hair loss treatment, but one needs to look after his lifestyle with a proper diet plan.

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